Standard Manufacturing Company Pvt Ltd

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It all started from a small perfumery in pre-partition India where our forefathers experimented with essential oils to create scents that enticed the senses. The passion that possessed them passed down from one generation to another and began channeling through various mediums. Today, SMC not only creates fragrances, it also manufactures flavors, food coloring agents and essences.

To this day, SMC is family owned and each formulation is overseen. We use our decades old knowledge and expertise along with the latest technology to formulate flavors, fragrances and essences for the modern client.

The passion to cater to individual tastes, drives us to research, create and package unique formulations .We capture the beauty of nature in our flavors, fragrances and colors and match the needs/demands of our partners! Dedication to our partners is a core value at SMC passed down the generations!


4 Dayal Singh Mansion, Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore 54000, Pakistan