Punjab Institute of Language, Art & culture

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Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture (PILAC) was established in September, 2004 for patronage, promotion and development of Punjabi Language. PILAC also focuses on conservation, protection, promotion and enhancement of the Art and cultural richness of Punjab.
PILAC is a corporate body focusing not only on sustating and promoting language, art and culture of Punjab, but also on all matters connected therewith. PILAC is assigned to:

  • Advise the Government on all matters of policy pertaining to promotion of Punjabi Language
  • Collect, preserve and arrange books of classical and modern Punjabi Literature
  • Promote and project crafts of Punjab, preserve folk art, folklore’s and folk songs in their purest form
  • Enrich Punjabi Language and enable it to serve as a source of promoting love and brotherhood
  • Interact and collaborate with various Institutes and forums with a view to promote Punjabi Language, Art and Culture
  • Provide technical, financial and material assistance for cultural development

Since its inception, PILAC has coordinated, facilitated and undertaken activities which helped in achievement of its objectives. The components of PILAC are

  • Punjab Museum
  • Punjab Art Gallery
  • Punjabi Library
  • Radio Station FM-95, ‘Punjab Rung’
  • Punjab Auditorium & Punjab Cafe
  • Punjabi Magazine “Trinjan”
  • Publications
  • Research Journal ‘Punjab Rung’
  • Punjab Jiangsu Cultural Centre (PJCC)


Hafeez Kardar Rd, Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab