Kinnaird College for Women University

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About Kinnaird


The Kinnaird Spirit

The Motto of Kinnaird “Light to guide us, courage to support us and love to unite us”. In these simple but stirring words lies the quintessence of the spirit of Kinnaird, the oldest and most distinguished women’s college of Pakistan. Kinnaird is an institution of learning where a unique and productive blend of education and values has continued to flourish for ninety five years.

Intermediate classes began in 1913, followed by B.A. Classes four years later. But even at that early stage Kinnaird sensed the need for more room to grow and so the college moved to Lake Road in 1926. In 1933, land was acquired near Lahore’s famous canal and new buildings were constructed to house the streaming numbers of girls who flocked to this institution. By 1939 the twenty acre campus was humming with activity. Today Kinnaird ranks as the country’s premier institution for education where over 3300 students are enrolled at present.

Autonomous Institution

Kinnaird has achieved its independent status after years of struggle. It is already conducting classes leading to a Masters Degree in English Literature, Applied Linguistics, Mass Communications, French, English Language Teaching, Environmental Sciences, Science Education, Statistics and Computer Sciences. M.S in Accounting and Finance and M. Phil in English Literature have been introduced last year. Various other programs will be started this fall. Kinnaird has always been an institution of special significance. It is more than a college; a community enriched by the spirit of inquiry that kindles in the students. The teachers encourage a spirit of inquiry, research and participation in their students. Above all students who enter Kinnaird leave with a mark of quality and wider appreciation of human values.


Kinnaird makes this transition possible because it produces women who are individuals in their own right, who quickly begin to display intelligence, competence, flexibility, maturity and a sense of responsibility both to their academic pursuits and in their overall personality development. The graduates of this institute continue to make major contributions to the civic life of Pakistan and to many communities abroad, where they tend to excel by virtue of their special grounding at Kinnaird. In the face of declining education and disciplinary standards that have unfortunately characterized our country, the responsibility of maintaining standards of excellence has fallen on Kinnaird, but it has met this challenge with its customary zeal and spirit. Its academic records have continued to soar higher every year.


Kinnaird College for Women 93- Jail Road, Lahore